The Japan Alps-Wildlife/Endangered Species (Raicho) Observation Tour 4-days plan

This is an intense 3-nights/4-days plan that includes an observation tour of Norikura’s wildlife, including RAICHO. Master the nature and wildlife of Japan‘s alpine zone, including Ptarmigan RAICHO. The tour starts with a brief on Japanese nature from a foreign university lecturer in Kamikochi, followed by a forest tour in the Norikura mountains. You will observe the changing nature of Norikura depending on the elevation by moving vertically up from the the middle of the mountain, and climaxing near the summit. Also, the mountain lodge manager will give you a tour of wildlife, including RAICHO.

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ptarmigan RAICHO

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July 25th 398,000JPY
First Japanese Wildlife Program in the Alpine Region
Enriching Learning and Wildlife.
From halfway up the Norikura mountains (elevation of 3026 meters), we will continue moving vertically upwards to observe wild animals and birds and experience the differences in their natural environment.

C:Hida-Norikura Tourist Association
Ptarmigan RAICHO
They represent wild birds living high up in the mountains and are recognized as prefectural birds in Gifu, Nagano and Toyama prefectures. It is said that currently there remain only about 3,000 birds. In addition to that , global warming threatens their existence, and they are facing an even bigger risk of extinction.


 ● 10:00 Depart from Matsumoto station to Kamikochi by taxi
 ● 11:30 Visit Kamikochi visitor center and attend a nature observation briefing by Professor Anne Mcdonald from Sophia University. Enjoy a lunch box.
 ● 13:00 Enjoy a nature hike with Mr. Kato Ginjirou, the director of Kamikochi visitor center. (Visitor center → Myojin Pond → Hotel)
 ● 16:30 Arrive at Kamikochi Lemeiesta Hotel(Accommodation)


 ● 09:30 Transfer to Norikura Tatamidaira by taxi
 ● 11:00 Hike to "Kengamine", the highest peak of Mt. Norikura, with a mountain guide
 ● 12:00 Lunch box at Katano-goya mountain hut
 ● 14:00 Arrive at Kengamine
 ● 15:00 Hike from Katano-goya to Norikura Tatamidaira via flower garden route
 ● 16:30 Arrive at Norikura Hakuunso(Accommodation)
 ● 20:00 After dinner, enjoy a talk session about the Japan Alps and Raicho with a guide


 ● 04:00 Enjoy sunrise viewing and Raicho watching(The guide will choose the best spots from Fujimi-dake, Maou-dake, and Daikoku-dake.)
 ● 07:00 Breakfast at Hakuunso
 ● 09:00 Check out and depart from Norikura Tatamidaira by taxi
 ● 09:30 Hike to Sanbondaki Falls (Magarishiten bus stop → Sanbondaki Falls → Sanbondaki rest house)
 ● 11:00 Transfer to Norikura Kogen by taxi
 ● 11:20 Enjoy a hike in Norikura Kogen (Toudai Hutte bus stop → Lunch break (a lunch box or sandwiches) at Norikura Kogen Shinzen-en → Yonagi-toge → Ichinose-enchi → Hotel)
 ● 16:00 Arrive at Kyukamura Norikura Kogen(Accommodation)


● 09:30 Transfer to downtown Matsumoto by taxi
● 11:00 Visit Matsumoto Castle, the National Treasure of Japan
● 12:30 Enjoy a walk on Nakamachi Street and have a Soba (buckwheat noodles) for lunch
● 14:30 Tour ends at Matsumoto station

Tour Icons




A resort hotel that opened as a hot spring inn in the early 1900s. We are proud of the free-flowing hot spring, traditional French cuisine, and guest rooms with a panoramic view of Azusa River and the mountains. This is the hotel where Walter Weston, the father of Japanese mountain climbing and author of the Climbers’ Book that introduced the Japanese Alps to the world, also stayed.The hotel is a little far from the sightseeing spots, but it is situated in a quiet place where you can experience a quiet resort mood.

Norikura Haku-un-so mountain hut


It is a mountain hut adjacent to the Tsuru-gaike parking lot where there is a Tatami-daira bus terminal where the shuttle bus stops and arrives.
While the convenience is outstanding, with Mao-dake at its back, it is isolated from the bustling space, and it is welcomed when you can rest slowly in silence.
On clear nights, the high elevations make it possible for you to see the stars in the sky so close to you that you can reach them, and the scenery of the mountains where the unbelievably bright moonlight can be seen is also excellent.

Norikura Kokumin Kyukamura HOTEL


Kyukamura Norikura-Kogen is at 1600m elevation the highest of all Kyukamura hotels. From here you can enjoy a stunning view on Mt. Norikura, one of Japans “100 famous mountains” in the Northern Alps. Please enjoy the hot spring and the rugged mountain nature. You can also try various outdoor sports such as hiking or skiing in our hotel-owned ski resort. The dinner is buffet style and cooked with local ingredients.

Tour Conditions (Abstract) 

Minimum number of participants 4 people
Accommodations Kamikochi: Western-style room for 2 guests per room (2 beds). If you would like to take a room alone, we offer a single room supplement for an additional 16,500 JPY charge. 
Norikura Tatamidaira: Private guestrooms are arranged for 2 guests per room. But during the peak travel season, you may have to share the male and female separate dormitory room with other guests from our other tours. In that case, we will refund the surplus amount of 3,000 JPY per person.
Norikura Kogen: Western-style room for 2 guests per room (2 beds). If you would like to take a room alone, we offer a single room supplement for an additional 16,500 JPY charge. 
Tour Manager A tour manager will not accompany you.

Local staff will support your trip
Operating bus and taxi company Alpico Kotsu and Alpico Taxi
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Cancellations made 21 days or more before the travel date will be free of charge. 
Cancellations made within 8 - 20 days will incur a charge of 20% fee of the tour price.
Cancellations made within 2 - 7 days will incur a charge of 30% fee of the tour price.
Cancellations made the day before the travel date will incur a charge of 40% fee of the tour price.
Cancellations made on the travel date will incur a charge of 50% fee of the tour price.
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Other Tour Conditions ・The tour schedule may change due to bad weather and traffic conditions.
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